The Route To Bigger Biceps

The Route To Bigger Biceps

The biceps brachii, more commonly known as the bicep, is a prominent muscle on the front part of the upper arm including a “short head” and “long head” that work together as a single muscle. It helps control the motion of two different joints - the shoulder and the elbow. When the bicep contracts, its primary function is to flex the elbow, pull the forearm up and rotate it outwards.

It is no surprise that biceps are one of the most well known and overworked muscles in the weight lifting community. Practically everyone - weightlifters and the general public alike - can agree that biceps tend to be a highly noticed muscle group that indicate how on top of your workout game you are. Biceps basically help the arm do any type of movement whether it be sideways, forward or upwards which is why it is important to put a substantial amount of focus on them when weight lifting.

In addition to a monitored diet and specific muscle-targeting exercises, it is imperative to use proper form when weight lifting in order to maximize muscle growth in your biceps (or any muscle group for that matter). Improper form can cause strains and tears and expends unnecessary energy through an inefficient range of motion. Proper form puts your body in its strongest position allowing you to use full muscle potential, prevent injury, and further results in your muscles responding in the best way possible. Long story in one short equation: weight lifting + proper form + suitable diet = bigger biceps. Easy enough! Add some of the exercises listed below to your next pump session to help increase your bicep growth even more.

Chin Ups
Palms facing your face, narrow grip

Pull Ups
Palms facing away from your face, wide grip

Standing Dumbbell Curl
Tip: make sure to monitor your weights accordingly - arching your back during this exercise could cause lower back injury.

Reverse Straight Bar Curl
Works the brachial, an invisible muscle lower down your upper arm which is essential for growing larger biceps.

EZ Bar Curl
Allows you to load more weight that you would be able to with a regular curl.

Decline Dumbbell Curl
Helps to isolate your biceps because you have no weight bearing on your legs and core muscles.

Hammer Curls
Not only does this exercise increase bicep size and strength, but it also improves wrist stability and strengthens your grip.

Reverse Grip Bent Over Rows
Keep back straight to prevent injury.

Concentration Curls

Incline Dumbbell Curls
Helps to prevent swinging movement and arching of the back which could cause injury.

EZ Bar Preacher Curls
Forces you into negative movement which improves muscle growth.


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